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Dear Families, Fellow Educators, and Carson City Community Members,

On behalf of the PHS and Carson Online staff, we are extending a collective thank you to families,   K-12 staff and administrators, and members of our community. You have each played an important part in helping our students achieve such an important milestone in their lives. 

We are proud to report that on June 4th, and during the summer session, 56 12th grade students at Pioneer High School graduated in the class of 2019. This year is projected at the highest graduation rate for PHS since the school was opened in 1998. The class of 2019 earned Honors, Advanced, and Standard Diplomas.  One student also earned an Associate of Arts Degree from WNC before her high school diploma.  This year, PHS students earned the most scholarships in the school’s history totaling 121,000.00.  Students were awarded Millennium Scholarships, Nevada Promise, and 6 local scholarships.  Pioneer students were accepted into the US Army, WNC, TMCC, Sierra Academy of Style, Lake Tahoe Community College, and UNR. 

Pioneer students were honored in the following areas:  CTE students were recognized for participation in the HOSA program in the area of Health Information Management.  One PHS student scored the highest in Carson City School District in the Health Information Management category. Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG) students were recognized for their career explorations.  PHS students in the academic track of Jumpstart program earned dual college credits from WNC. 

The PHS class of 2019 expressed interest in the following career fields after graduation:  EMT, fire science, nursing, medicine, cosmetology, manufacturing, construction, law, law enforcement, teaching English, early childhood, social work, and professional sports.  

Your roles and influence as family members, educators, and members in the community, to support their efforts throughout the years have made all the difference!


Jason Zona, Principal


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2018-2019 NEWS
Congratulations to Mr. Daniel Echebarria, who was nominated as the August 2018 Teacher of the Month for the Rotarian Organization.

Congratulations to Savannah L., for being nominated as the 12th grade PHS student of the month for August.

2017-2018 NEWS

Congratulations to Mr. Bland for being nominated as the CCSD Innovative Teacher of the Year by the School Board.

Welcome aboard to our new teachers:  Mr. Zack Logan, Social Studies, and Ms. Chyanne Corley, JAG


Congratulations to our 56 graduates for the class of 2017!

Article from
"Pioneer High School Student Heroes, Showing Others the Way" 

We congratulate our students who serve at school, the Carson City community, and their country!

Heather Wright
Heather Wright, a 12th grade student at Pioneer High School, earned her rank as the cadet commander and Senior Master Sargent in the Civil Air Patrol, Nevada Wing. CAP is an arm of the US Air Force, similar to JROTC, but it is not affiliated with high schools. Heather was invited to highlight her volunteer work at a student luncheon where other PHS students in the CHS Naval JROTC participated. After graduation this year at PHS, Heather plans on working as a combat medic in the US Army. Heather has been able to fly and co-pilot several types of aircraft including an F-16 as a three year member in the Civil Air Patrol. 

Shayne Jeremiah Beauford
Shayne Jeremiah Beauford, 10th grade PHS student, was elected by staff to represent Pioneer at School Board Meetings. Outside of school, he recently earned his Life rank in the Boy Scouts of America. He has plans to earn his Eagle rank soon and is working on a service project in cooperation with Pioneer High School. Shayne was featured in a Boys' Life article, in July 2016, titled: "A True Story of Scouts in Action." This article describes a heroic act where he saved his younger brother's life in a dangerous water rescue.

08/21/16 (Article from Nevada Appeal)

PHS and Carson Online student, Noah Giron, local ski cross racer, is gearing up for his second season with Team USA. 

Giron competed in the semipro North American Cup circuit in the United States and Canada. He will head to Australia where he will train with other international skiers, and he will compete in International Ski Federation events. 

Giron, a junior, is ranked in the top 10 in the United States. His goals are to compete in the World Junior Championships, the X-Games and the 2022 Olympics. After that, he hopes to race professionally. 

Giron studies online in the winter and trains at Squaw Valley five days a week. Training days are 7 to 13 hours a day and include skiing, weight lifting and conditioning. He maintains a 3.7 GPA. He welcomes sponsorships to help fund his training expenses, travel costs, and competition fees. 


Dear Families, Fellow Educators, and Carson City Community Members,

We are extending a heartfelt thanks to families, K-12 staff and administrators, district office staff, and members of our community for helping our students achieve such an important milestone in their lives. 

We are proud to report that 58 seniors at Pioneer High School graduated in the class of 2016. This is the 2nd largest graduating class in the history of Pioneer High School since the high school was established in 1998.  It is the largest group of honors, advanced, and standard high school diplomas ever issued from PHS.  Pioneer also had the school’s first dual graduate with a student earning an Associate of Science degree from WNC and an Honors High School Diploma from PHS.  Other items to note and celebrate this year included; the largest group of Jump Start, JAG, and CTE students to walk across the stage.  We also had two honors diplomas, two advanced diplomas, five Millennium Scholarships, a wrestling scholarship to Kansas, four local scholarship recipients, and five students were accepted into the United States Army, Marines, and Air Force. 

Your roles and influence as family members, educators, and members in the community to their education throughout the years has made all the difference!


Jason Zona, Principal

Graduation Class of 2016 Highlighted Students:
Honors Diplomas:

  1. Chelsea Goss, ValedictorianHonors Diploma, Jump Start, Millennium Scholarship, WNC or UNR
  2. Nathan Hammock, SalutatorianAssociate of Science Degree, WNC, Phi Theta Kappa International Honors Society, PHS High School Honors Diploma, Jump Start, Millennium Scholarship 

    Advanced Diplomas:

  3. Samantha Hinton, Advanced Diploma, Jumpstart, Millennium Scholarship, WNC
  4. Emily Jannsens, Advanced Diploma, Millennium Scholarship

    Standard Diplomas:

  5. Kayla Andrews, CTE, JAG
  6. Khaslynne Andrews, HOSA CTE HIM Student Leader, Job Shadow Mentee
  7. Peyton Brawner, Accepted to Arizona State University
  8. Kati Ceragioli, Jump Start, Concert Choir, All State Choir, WNC
  9. Jazmyn Conde, HOSA CTE, JAG, JAG Officer, Leadership Officer, Accepted to the Career College of Northern Nevada, Reno
  10. KennyLee Durrer, WNPAC Dance Studio (state and national competitions), Western Nevada College Performing Arts Program / 42nd Street production
  11. Megan Edwards, Advanced Diploma, Concert Choir, Millennium Scholarship
  12. Kailee Fiorica, JAG & Leadership Officer, Washington DC Rep, School Mascot
  13. Alexa Garcia, US Army (Boot Camp at Ft. Jackson, SC)
  14. Alyssa Hernandez, HOSA CTE
  15. Andrew Hill, US Marines, (MCRD San Diego)
  16. Raziel Juarez, JAG Officer
  17. Rylee Lawrence, Jump Start
  18. Taylor Lynch, JAG Officer, Institute of Cosmetology
  19. Greg Martin, JAG
  20. Annay Mejorado-Ruiz, US Army
  21. Sierra Moreno, Yearbook Staff, JAG
  22. Rene Moriarty, US Air Force (Already at Boot Camp)
  23. Brady Okeefe, Accepted at Kansas, Wrestling Scholarship
  24. Kaley O’Neal, Feather River Beauty School or WNC
  25. Savannah Pimentel, JAG, Leadership School Board Representative
  26. Zach Shaw, PHS Ski Club
  27. Brittanie Sisson, WNC
  28. Tiffany Spraycar, JAG, WNC
  29. Travis Underhill, US Army
  30. Edward Victorio Lara, Guest Speaker for CCSD Transitions, PHS Student Mentor, Ski Club, Attendance Award 2016, WNC


See the new Pioneer Facebook page, great items to learn more about your school. Special thanks to Mrs. Long for volunteering to help manage this social media site. Congratulations to Mr. Bland and his CTE students, Mr. Stokes invited them to present some information about their Las Vegas trip tomorrow at the school board meeting. Congratulations to Mr. Rotter and his 6th period class for best attendance.

See the Pioneer High School and Carson Online facebook pages.
Welcome new staff to our Panther family:  Jolene Dille, Social Worker, Phil Molleson, Lead Custodian, and Monica Ward, Office Specialist.

Congratulations to Mr. Bland and the CTE Health Science students for their competition in Las Vegas and for Bland's work with writing State standards in Health Information Management!

Congratulations to Harley Woods for being awarded 1st place by the State of Nevada for a video contest to promote summer reading. Also to our honor roll and excellent attendance award recipients. 

Congratulations to Kailee Fiorica for being selected as one of 23 students in Nevada to attend the JAG leadership conference in Washington D.C.

Congratulations to Kenny Mottram and Trenton Lynn who are performing in the production of Mary Poppins in Carson City.  Congratulations also to Mr. Bland, Jazmyn Conde, Khaslyn Andrews, Julia Albiter, and Alyssa Hernandez for their work in the Health Science Information CTE class.


Congratulations to the students and staff who created the PHS float and represented Pioneer at the parade.  (Mr. Jordan, Mr. Fulton, Mrs. Rowbottom, Mrs. Granucci, Mr. Johnson, McKayla Fortner, Kailee Fiorica, Ramon Medrano, Kayla Andrews, Araceli Vasquez, Sparkle Taylor, Samantha Perrioriot, Edward Johnson, Monica Lopez, Cera Fuller, and Edward Victorio)

PHS Speech and Debate Team

Congratulations to Mrs. Rowbottom and her Speech and Debate students who participated at Fallon High School in their first Speech and Debate Team activities.  (Elizabeth Crandell, Catherine Taylor-Dillon, and Jazmyn Conde)


Congratulations to the students and staff who completed the 4 day expedition at Rock Creek.  There will be a Rock Creek Survivor Luncheon to highlight the events this coming week.

Congratulations to PHS/Carson Online students with perfect attendance. These students will be invited to a recognition assembly on a quarterly basis.

Congratulations to the Class of 2015!
PHS had 48 graduates with students earning Honors, Advanced, and Standard High School Diplomas.  There were 4 Millennium Scholarship recipients and 2 local scholarship recipients.  Students in the class of 2015 were accepted into UNR, Sierra Nevada College, Western Nevada College, the US Army, and the New York Film Academy.
Jobs for American Graduates Competition
Congratulations to our JAG students and JAG Teacher, Mrs. Rowbottom! The following JAG students competed at the Jobs for American Graduates Competition in Las Vegas on 05/19/15: Savannah Pimentel, Kailee Fiorica, Emily Johnson, Jazmyn Conde, Nicolas Manzo, Christian Burrows, Jonni Escobar-Ruiz, and Johnny Lopez. Special thanks also go to Mr. Jordan for going on the trip. Congratulations to Christian Burrows, who won 1st Place in the "Employability" event.

Performing Arts Highlights (PHS and Carson Online Students)
Henry Wilson
, Performer at the Carson Community Center in Pippin
Kati Ceragioli, Performer at the Carson Community Center in Pippin
Trenton Lynn, Guest Vocalist at the WNC Graduation Ceremony
Christian Burrows, Performed (guitar and vocal) at A to Zen
Chea Zevnick, Performed (guitar) at A to Zen

Health Science CTE Competition (HOSA)

Congratulations to our health science CTE teacher and students: Mr. Don Bland, Khaslyn Andrews, Julia Albiter, Jazmyn Conde, and Johnny Lopez! They presented and competed in the HOSA conference in Las Vegas representing Pioneer High School and Carson City.  Students attended seminars, presented projects, and made connections with students from other schools in Nevada.  We are very proud of their dedication to the health science career and to their professionalism at the event.