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Back to School
Posted on 08/22/2017

Dear Pioneer High School & Carson Online Families,

Diplomas and Class Options:

Students who attend PHS can graduate with Honors, Advanced or Standard high school diplomas.  Dual college credit classes can also be earned through WNC and at PHS with Career and Technical Education (CTE) options in medical technology.  All options are free for PHS students.  In addition to small classroom style courses, PHS offers 100 additional online classes through (Carson Online) which students can add to their existing classroom schedule.  Pioneer offers special interest classes and outdoor activities such as: rock climbing, Project Discovery events, student leadership, cross-country and downhill skiing, weightlifting, art, drawing, journalism, graphic design, JAG job shadowing, numerous field trips, and medical technology CTE. Students can earn letters  through some of the organizations they participate in, see the letterman posters for more details.  This is a great act of Panther Pride!

Bus Transportation Options:
PHS students who qualify for CCSD transportation can ride the existing high school bus routes. Contact the main office for more details. 

Student Schedules:

On the first day of school, students will find their names listed on (Bld-A rooms 2-5) at 7:35 am to locate their homerooms.  The IC parent portal will also show the class schedule. Students are allowed to attend PHS and Carson Online and participate in any and all sports and activities at CHS.  Please see the counselor for more information.

Open House:

The PHS Open House night will take place on September 19th  from 6pm-8pm.

No Smoking Policy: PHS is a non-smoking campus.  This applies to surrounding streets, parking lots, and residential property in sight of the campus. Students are not to bring lighters and any form of smoking items, including electronic cigarettes or smoking devices to campus.  This also means they are not to have these items in their possession at any time while on campus or at school events.  Failure to comply with the CCSD and PHS smoking regulations will result in progressive discipline and may result in the student’s application being revoked from PHS and/or Carson Online.

Electronic Devices: Students are encouraged only to use the school district provided laptops.  All other personal electronic devices are not to be brought or used on campus.  Any items lost or stolen is the responsibility of the student and the matter will not be investigated.  Personal student phones can be used only at lunch and in passing periods.  Student phones and music devices should be turned off and not used during any classes.  Any device not in compliance or that becomes a distraction will be confiscated by staff and turned into the office for a mandatory parent/guardian pick up.  Any devices confiscated will be held for a minimum of 24 hours before it can be collected by a guardian/parent. Students turn in phones during all high stakes tests.

Lunch Reminders: All breakfast and lunches are free for all students at PHS.  Only students with 16.5 credits can leave campus for lunch.

Attendance: Attendance is the most important aspect of your son/daughter’s academic success. Your help as a parent/guardian in this common problem is truly appreciated. 

As always, as the PHS principal, I will be meeting with students on an individual basis throughout the school year.  I always welcome student requested appointments to chat for any reason and enjoying getting to know our small population at Pioneer each year.  My staff and I have dedicated our lives to the success of your students.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call our main office or contact me directly.  We are looking forward to another great year!


Jason Zona, Principal

 Pioneer High School & Carson Online