Vision & Goals

PHS Vision Statement

The vision of Pioneer High School is to provide alternative routes to success for young adults.

What is Pioneer High School?

PHS is fully accredited with (AdvanceD).  It is a free and public school which students in grades 9-12 can enroll easier throughout the year than most comprehensive high schools. The Alternative High School status which was approved through the Department of Education allows PHS to offer many different formats to meet the diverse needs of the community.  PHS also has an ongoing grant funded partnership with Project Discovery which allows for extra field trips and hands on experiences for students.  Students can earn 8+ credits per school year with a variety of scheduling options offered based on their individual needs.  Students can also earn credits in recovery mode at their own pace or utilize a hybrid of traditional style classes or flexible lab hour scheduling.


Goal 1: Students at Pioneer High School will improve their achievement in mathematics, science, reading, and the writing in high stakes exams.  The percent of PHS students passing all classes and earning credit will increase.

Goal 2: Students at Pioneer High School will improve their overall average daily attendance (ADA).

Types of (AdvancED) Accredited High School Diplomas Offered

Standard Diploma, Advanced Placement Diploma, CTE Diploma, and Adult High School Diploma when needed

Scheduling Options at Pioneer High School

1- TRADITIONAL (4 Quarters) A traditional format of 4 periods per day from 7:35-2:15pm with a classroom teacher.  (4 Quarters per year) (4 periods per day) Aug. to June

2- HYBRID (Traditional + Distance Education) A combination schedule of classroom style courses with the option of distance education classes.  Distance Education classes are offered with a teacher online or with the help of a daily classroom teacher available on campus 5 days per week from 7:35am-2:15pm.

3- FULL TIME DISTANCE EDUCATION- In special circumstances where students can not come to campus on a daily basis, lab hours and off campus work can be arranged with flexibility for high school students